Sunday, October 29, 2006

Lorenzo Costa

Tempera on wood, 55 x 49 cm
Galleria degli Uffizi, Florence

Antonio Redondo

15th Century Italian Woodcut

Bibliotheque National, Paris. c. 1490

Monday, October 23, 2006

The Death of Saint Narcissus

The Death of Saint Narcissus is a little known poem by T. S. Eliot which includes a range of references to Sebastian and other archetypes of young male sexuality. There is a good, brief discussion of the poem here
" So he became a dancer to God.
Because his flesh was in love with the burning arrows
He danced on the hot sand
Until the arrows came.
As he embraced them his white skin surrendered itself to the redness of blood, and satisfied him.
Now he is green, dry and stained
With the shadow in his mouth."
excerpt from
The Death of Saint Narcissus
by T. S. Eliot
Greek Orthodox Sebastian


Thursday, October 19, 2006

Marcantonio Bassetti (1588-1630)

Tuesday, October 17, 2006

REM - Losing My Religion

"The video is heavy with religious imagery, and notably features images of Saint Sebastian. Contrary to popular belief, the promotional music video was not banned in Ireland due to its use of religious imagery because the Republic does not ban music videos. "

from Wikipedia
St Sebastian Feast Qormi - Malta
Jason Andrew McHenry

When My Toughness Ran Out [St Sebastian]

In 2002 Jason Andrew McHenry undertook a project to make one assemblage box every week of the year and attached to it, a journal entry. The results of this project are on his

"I wanted to use a real piece of bark as the background for this one. And an image of St. Sebastian. I couldn’t really find any I liked and opted to use the Christmas card instead. I also planned on not having any glass in this one. Just a view inside with tons of nails. I think the smoked glass looks so much better. It is also hard to break away from the glass as a vital element to these boxes."

Monday, October 16, 2006

Nicholas Regnier (1590-1667)
Yukio Mishima
"Yukio Mishima always had a rather unusual life. As a boy growing up in Japan, Mishima was different than others his age. He seemed to be not like a child, rather, he carried an expression of self-determination and stoicism. Once, as a child, the romantic Mishima flipped through a book of paintings, stopping to study one: "St. Sebastian", which depicted the saint with arrows hanging from his torso and his hands tied to a limb. Mishima was so excited over this picture that he had his first encounter with masturbation as he viewed it"


Margo Maschida - Self Portrait as Yukio Mishima - 1986
"The white masters beauty of the youth body
hung against the dark tree trunk.
His hands tied by thorns.
I trembled with joy.
My loin swelled.
My hand unconsciously began a motion
it had never been taught."

from the film Mishima (1985)
Giorgio Croce

De Lotto, Maurizio